Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tents at the Flip of a Switch!

When my son asks me what I do for a living, I tell him that "I Do Tents". He then quickly responds that he wants to do exactly the same thing when he grows up (grin). My response is always..."why don't you design a tent that doesn't need people to install it." He smiles and says "no problem". Well as technology moves forward I may need to come up with a different challenge for him.

I had the opportunity to attend two European trade shows earlier this month. The first was in Germany and catered to the Fire and Rescue Industry. The second, in Paris was specifically for military. What was blatantly obvious at both events was that tent technology is evolving as quickly as some of the new-style tents can be installed. Losberger has had a Rapid Deployment Shelter (RDS) division for about 7 years now and until this month I never really had a full grasp of the possibilities and applications of this product line.

We have inflatable tents that are used by relief groups to create 100-bed field hospitals in less then an hour. We have the AMD unit that is trailer mounted. At its largest size can deploy a 3,600 sq/ft shelter, complete with power and HVAC in about 30 minutes and 4 installers. Losberger US has been actively perusing this market in the US and will be stocking the TAG NG inflatable shelter at our Frederick facility come this fall. I challenge you to think outside the normal tent next time an emergency situation presents itself. I also recommend browsing www.losberger-rds.com for inspiration for your tenting solutions. The product range is vast and an applications plentiful.

Most Importantly!
I learned that other parts of the world really know how to host a trade show. The Losberger RDS booth in Paris was complete with catered hors d' oeuvres and never ending Champagne. All that and the coolest toy giveaways too! Check out the Photos.