Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When is it time to blow the whistle?

Nobody wants to be a “tattle tale” but when is it time to say something about an unsafe tent installation? We have all seen some installations that are not exactly by the book. In most cases the event goes on and nobody is ever the wiser. I am not talking about sour grapes because you lost a project to another company or a dirty tent but a true unsafe installation. At the end of the day any incident that occurs where people are hurt or property is damaged will affect all of us... you, your competitors, the industry. When should you speak up?

Check out these situations...

Hundreds of people under a Bail Ring tent that is installed with the king pole staked to the same 3 stakes holding the side pole.

Entrance tent with a less than 60lbs of weight holding it down for a week long festival?

Obviously, this is a touchy situation but we all stand to lose from inadequate safety.

If you saw these, what would you do?