Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to use Ballast!

To Weight or not to Weight... that is the question. Unfortunately in this day and age, using alternative ballast to hold your tent down is more prevalent than ever. I had a customer that called me and explained that they had just installed their first tent using the stakes we provided with the initial purchase. What is curious is that this call came 4 years after they purchased the tent. This does not mean that they never rented their equipment. Rather it means, prior to this event, for 4 years all previous installations they used ballast. Tent weighting is always a hot button for debate, and now the IFAI Tent Rental Division has come out with a guideline and ballasting tool to help with the process. For information on the IFAI Ballasting tool visit

After you check out the IFAI ballasting tool let us know what you think...

Is this a helpful tool?

Will this give you the data that will help you and your local code official sleep better at night?