Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Losberger US Launches New Website

Losberger US along with global subsidiaries undertook the massive project of revamping the corporate websites. In an effort to consistantly communicate the Losberger brand you will see that all the sites now have a common design. There are more downloadable files for product data sheets and expanded picture galleries!

Please let us know what you think... Post your comments here!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


OCTOBER 20, 2010

hosted by

Hands on Product Demonstration
New Products
Q & A with Industry Leaders
All Occasion Facility Tour
Lunch Provided
Prizes and Giveaways including a Flat Screen TV!

To register, please visit or contact:

Aztec Tents
Biff Gentsch
Losberger US
Dave MacArthur

For more information visit Aztec Tent's Blog

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tents at the Flip of a Switch!

When my son asks me what I do for a living, I tell him that "I Do Tents". He then quickly responds that he wants to do exactly the same thing when he grows up (grin). My response is always..."why don't you design a tent that doesn't need people to install it." He smiles and says "no problem". Well as technology moves forward I may need to come up with a different challenge for him.

I had the opportunity to attend two European trade shows earlier this month. The first was in Germany and catered to the Fire and Rescue Industry. The second, in Paris was specifically for military. What was blatantly obvious at both events was that tent technology is evolving as quickly as some of the new-style tents can be installed. Losberger has had a Rapid Deployment Shelter (RDS) division for about 7 years now and until this month I never really had a full grasp of the possibilities and applications of this product line.

We have inflatable tents that are used by relief groups to create 100-bed field hospitals in less then an hour. We have the AMD unit that is trailer mounted. At its largest size can deploy a 3,600 sq/ft shelter, complete with power and HVAC in about 30 minutes and 4 installers. Losberger US has been actively perusing this market in the US and will be stocking the TAG NG inflatable shelter at our Frederick facility come this fall. I challenge you to think outside the normal tent next time an emergency situation presents itself. I also recommend browsing for inspiration for your tenting solutions. The product range is vast and an applications plentiful.

Most Importantly!
I learned that other parts of the world really know how to host a trade show. The Losberger RDS booth in Paris was complete with catered hors d' oeuvres and never ending Champagne. All that and the coolest toy giveaways too! Check out the Photos.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Island Boys Do It Right

Some Days On The Job Are Harder Than Others... Last month I had to take one for the team and travel to Bermuda while Dave MacArthur and Brian Kordek managed a job on the Wyoming plains. Tough I know.

It's Not Always About SIZE...

I sometimes hear that rental companies are concerned that the size of their market is not large enough to support structure type tents. Undercover Tent Rentals begs to differ. Bermuda is an island that is 2 miles wide and 26.2 miles long, with a population of 65,000. A market that is clearly defined where the white sandy beaches meet the Atlantic Ocean. Owners, Mark Bell and Ross Morbey saw a need and more strategically, an opportunity to add a 25 meter wide uniflex structure into their inventory. It was successfully integrated immediately and became the talk of the island. What us main landers would call challenges, Undercover's colorful crew handled seamlessly.

More Structure Myths...
Because of the limitations in roadways, a smaller vehicle is necessary to manage the island terrain. These vehicles handled the size and weight of the load perfectly with a few additional trips. A forklift was unavailable so a crane on a landscaping truck worked just fine. These are perfect examples of assimilating to your surroundings.

Put Your Excuses Away...
Where there is a will there is a way. AND usually with that will comes great opportunity. Tell us your install challenges and we'll help find a creative solution.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PRO EM wins with 15 meter at the 2010 Winter Olympics

The Olympic games, held high in the mountain ranges of the Canadian province of British Columbia, brought us many exciting and wonderful moments. For the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Canadian government chose a two-story Losberger Emporium Tent installed in the center of the Olympic action. PRO EM under Exhibitgroup/Giltspur hire, orchestrated the Canadian Governments pavilion that would welcome the world.

The tent was a meeting place for Politicians, Canadian athletes, fans and representatives of the media. The strict security controls and checks made this an extremely difficult project. Vince Budetti, PRO EM, reports: "The tent was subject to the highest levels of security, which meant that there were constant delays. While the tent was being erected, it became increasingly clear how tense the situation on the site was: teams of experts searching for bombs, the police, and blocks of streets which had been sealed off - all these were everyday occurrences throughout the installation.

Despite challenges PRO EM expertly approached the project and executed the Emporium 2-story 15m x 30m flawlessly.

Check out more PHOTOS

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And the Winners Are...

Losberger exhibited at The ARA Rental Show earlier this month and what a positive way to begin the year. Traffic was consistent and attendees were excited to discuss upcoming projects and ideas.

We decided to have a little fun and create the Apples to Apples Video Trivia Challenge. It was met with a lot of enthusiasm to say the least. Each day a question was asked and you needed to watch a short video to retrieve the answer.

Congratulations to the Winners!

Day 1

$100 AmEx Gift Card: Jon Howarth of ATent for Rent Dedham, Massachusetts

$50 AmEx Gift Card: Frank Penecale of Parties and More Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Day 2

$100 AmEx Gift Card: Frank Cane of Scranton Rent-All Throop, Pennsylvania

$50 AmEx Gift Card: Andy Nolan of Chattanooga Tent Company Chattanooga, Tennessee

Day 3

$100 AmEx Gift Card: Erin Shean of Classic Party Rentals San Diego, California

$50 AmEx Gift Card: Steve Frost of Stamford Tent Stamford, Connecticut

Thanks to everyone for playing. A special call out to George Smith of Mahaffey Tent Memphis, Tennessee who managed to come in 3rd place all 3 days!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Much Ado About Haiti. How Can We Help?

Heavy on everyone’s minds of course is the disaster in Haiti. How we can help? What supplies are needed? How do we connect with the disaster relief teams? It is devastating to us all when something like this happens. Our industry can be impactful to the recovery process- shelter is second only to water and food for survival. So many challenges and questions arise from a situation such as this. Disaster is random, unpredictable and inherently unique to its own which inevitably sends everyone scrambling for custom solutions on short time frames.

How (if any) support has been given from the US tenting industry? What can we do collaboratively? Should we rally inside our organizations, host fundraisers, get on a plane and address issues from the disaster site?

Any and all ideas would be helpful. We anxiously await your stories and suggestions!

Where do we "grow" from here?

Socially responsible, professionally supportive, open to learning, mentoring for the future. These are some of the objectives that will help us all achieve a higher level of business within our industry. That said, where do we "grow" from here?

We want to facilitate an open discussion to engage, brainstorm and collaborate for the greater whole. We have a lot of questions, ideas and random thoughts not to mention, there is a lot going on in the world. All of which inevitably throws our industry into a state of flux. By keeping communication fluid we hope to get your (and our) wheels turning.

So... here we go. We invite your comments, disagreements, ideas and inspirations. Follow us here and we promise to not disappoint. Cheers to 2010 and the christening of Tent for Thought.