Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When is it time to blow the whistle?

Nobody wants to be a “tattle tale” but when is it time to say something about an unsafe tent installation? We have all seen some installations that are not exactly by the book. In most cases the event goes on and nobody is ever the wiser. I am not talking about sour grapes because you lost a project to another company or a dirty tent but a true unsafe installation. At the end of the day any incident that occurs where people are hurt or property is damaged will affect all of us... you, your competitors, the industry. When should you speak up?

Check out these situations...

Hundreds of people under a Bail Ring tent that is installed with the king pole staked to the same 3 stakes holding the side pole.

Entrance tent with a less than 60lbs of weight holding it down for a week long festival?

Obviously, this is a touchy situation but we all stand to lose from inadequate safety.

If you saw these, what would you do?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Raw Goods Hard Facts

Hard Fact #1
According to Daily Finance July to December, 2011...
Cotton went from 84 cents a pound to $1.68... up 100%.
Crude oil went from $74.49 a barrel to $90.10... up 21%.
Corn went from $163.92 per metric ton to $251.02... up 53%.

Reality #1
In your world this means your Tommy Bahama shirt went from $90 to $120, your grocery bill is up $40 a month and the most obvious place most of us see this kind of movement is at the gas pump. But then again, it wouldn't round out a week without griping about the on-going cost to just get around town, let alone fuel your delivery trucks.

Cold Hard Industry Facts
Aluminum is up 18.5%
Vinyl components went up an astonishing average 130%
And again that 21% increase in crude

Industry Reality
Obviously, raw goods produced yesterday equal the products that service our Industry today.
How are you handling and preparing for the rising cost of doing business? Are you in tune with what is happening in the world around you? Tell us your ideas and share your feedback here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dennis Remsberg joins the Losberger US Team

Dennis Remsberg
joins Losberger US as Rapid Deployment (RDS) Product Manager. Dennis is former Co-owner of Remsberg Tent and has been in the industry for over 25 years.

In the past, Losberger RDS has been proud to assist many world disasters from earthquake victims in China to tsunami survivors in Thailand. Under Dennis's full-time guidance, Losberger US will now have the resource to support and service all aspects of rapid deployment shelter needs from military to first responders.

Dennis will be based out of the Losberger US office in Frederick, Maryland and can be reached at We are priveledged to have such an experienced asset join our team. Please join us in welcoming Dennis.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not So Easy

The not so easy install....
I have always said that putting a big tent in a parking lot was easy. Now that isn't always the case and I know a lot of you out there have had some challenging installs. Whether it is going over trees or installing up 30' in the air we have all had some interesting installations. Check out a few pictures of obstacles encountered by your tent brother en and if you want share some of your war stories on the blog......

Crane install over trees

Floor install 25' in the air

Post your most interesting install!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Super Bowl 2011

The Super is not only the largest annual sporting event in the US, it's one of the largest tent projects too. Check out the time lapse video provided by Taylor's Rentals of Fort Worth!

This year's Super Bowl had many weather challenges. Share your weather war stories here...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ha averiguado la nueva traducción española en el sitio web de Losberger US?

In an effort to celebrate the diversity of our customers, Losberger US is happy to announce the addition of Spanish translation to the new website.

Gracias por usted continuó el negocio!