Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Raw Goods Hard Facts

Hard Fact #1
According to Daily Finance July to December, 2011...
Cotton went from 84 cents a pound to $1.68... up 100%.
Crude oil went from $74.49 a barrel to $90.10... up 21%.
Corn went from $163.92 per metric ton to $251.02... up 53%.

Reality #1
In your world this means your Tommy Bahama shirt went from $90 to $120, your grocery bill is up $40 a month and the most obvious place most of us see this kind of movement is at the gas pump. But then again, it wouldn't round out a week without griping about the on-going cost to just get around town, let alone fuel your delivery trucks.

Cold Hard Industry Facts
Aluminum is up 18.5%
Vinyl components went up an astonishing average 130%
And again that 21% increase in crude

Industry Reality
Obviously, raw goods produced yesterday equal the products that service our Industry today.
How are you handling and preparing for the rising cost of doing business? Are you in tune with what is happening in the world around you? Tell us your ideas and share your feedback here.

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