Thursday, February 4, 2010

Much Ado About Haiti. How Can We Help?

Heavy on everyone’s minds of course is the disaster in Haiti. How we can help? What supplies are needed? How do we connect with the disaster relief teams? It is devastating to us all when something like this happens. Our industry can be impactful to the recovery process- shelter is second only to water and food for survival. So many challenges and questions arise from a situation such as this. Disaster is random, unpredictable and inherently unique to its own which inevitably sends everyone scrambling for custom solutions on short time frames.

How (if any) support has been given from the US tenting industry? What can we do collaboratively? Should we rally inside our organizations, host fundraisers, get on a plane and address issues from the disaster site?

Any and all ideas would be helpful. We anxiously await your stories and suggestions!

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