Monday, May 10, 2010

Island Boys Do It Right

Some Days On The Job Are Harder Than Others... Last month I had to take one for the team and travel to Bermuda while Dave MacArthur and Brian Kordek managed a job on the Wyoming plains. Tough I know.

It's Not Always About SIZE...

I sometimes hear that rental companies are concerned that the size of their market is not large enough to support structure type tents. Undercover Tent Rentals begs to differ. Bermuda is an island that is 2 miles wide and 26.2 miles long, with a population of 65,000. A market that is clearly defined where the white sandy beaches meet the Atlantic Ocean. Owners, Mark Bell and Ross Morbey saw a need and more strategically, an opportunity to add a 25 meter wide uniflex structure into their inventory. It was successfully integrated immediately and became the talk of the island. What us main landers would call challenges, Undercover's colorful crew handled seamlessly.

More Structure Myths...
Because of the limitations in roadways, a smaller vehicle is necessary to manage the island terrain. These vehicles handled the size and weight of the load perfectly with a few additional trips. A forklift was unavailable so a crane on a landscaping truck worked just fine. These are perfect examples of assimilating to your surroundings.

Put Your Excuses Away...
Where there is a will there is a way. AND usually with that will comes great opportunity. Tell us your install challenges and we'll help find a creative solution.

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  1. Let's see: Pat goes to supervise installations on Bermuda and Brian and Dave go to the high plains of Wyoming to supervise. Sounds like a perfect plan. Rank has its privilege!

    It just shows that we Losberger guys cover the territory and even though we're road-weary, our customers can count on us when they need us.

    I'm glad to be running all over the place: means business is good and that's a big relief!

    Dave MacArthur